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The "spring walk" mini is now also available in a mini version. 12 seed bombs lie in a deep-drawn part made from sustainable fiber materials. The molded part and the outer packaging can be 100% composted and recycled. With each walk you take  one or more seed bombs out of the packaging and green on your walk e.g. bald, not so attractive spots.

With a size of 161 x 230 x 35 mm the "spring walk" mini is an innovative gift. Have fun!!!

Your Beutler-Team

The Easter countdown calendar is perfect to shorten the waiting time for Easter. The countdown calendar starts 12 days before Easter, form April 1st. The Easter Countdown single-material calendar is 100% compostable and recyclable. You can fill the Easter countdown e.g. with chocolate eggs. The 12 chcolate eggs are in deep-drawn part made of fiber, a product that is 100% made from waste paper.

Are you interested? You can order this innovative, sustainable Easter countdown from us until the beginning of February.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Beutler-Team


Spring Walk "Pure" our new product with deep-drawn part made from sustainable fiber materials. Our moulded fibre products are 100% compostable and recycable.

Let´s go into a plasticfree spring together.

Your Beutler-Team

We are proud to present you a new product - the i-immersive-go® 3D smartphone VR glasses.

Your Beutler team